5-Year Retrospective – Summary

Fusion Exchange: A Five-Year Retrospective

We have come so far in 5 years! We started with just 126 people in 2008 and hit over 600 in 2012. We’ve grown from 2.5 days of classes to 3 full days of classes (from 1 class to 3 classes at all times – and soon to be 4!). We began with one live act and 29 hours of music across two rooms, and more than doubled that to 4 live acts, 10 hours of live music, and 68 total hours of music across three concurrent rooms!

Our demographics have changed, too: our HFX ‘07 dancers were primarily Lindy Hoppers and Westies, but as the years have gone by, Blues has become the prevalent dance at the Fusion Exchanges with 93% of attendees reporting intermediate to advanced Blues experience. That said, about 75% of our attendees have significant experience in Lindy, Tango, WCS, or other dance styles.

When we first launched in Houston, all our attendees were from the US, and most were from Texas itself. With every subsequent FX, however, we draw from further across the nation and globe. Seattle and Portland represent in huge numbers every year, and we’ve also had the honor of dancing with international travelers from Germany, England, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan.

At the end of the day, though, the statistic that matters the most to us is how many people plan on coming back next year. On that topic, we’re proud to say nearly 80% of FX attendees are planning on attending FX 2014. Hope to see you there!

–  The Fusion Exchange Team