Grievance Policy

At the Fusion Exchange, we focus on creating a positive, safe, and uplifting community of dancers. We ask that all attendees read and follow our Code of Conduct, which can be found here. We welcome feedback from all people attending our events. We love to hear what we’re doing right and what we could do better.

The Fusion Exchange will always foster a safe and positive environment. Inappropriate behavior is unacceptable and we handle complaints in a fair and reasonable manner that addresses the issue at hand while being considerate to everyone involved. We will do our best to respond and take action to keep our community safe and comfortable. In an effort to establish professional processes and standards, we have developed a policy outlining how we address Complaints and Serious Offenses.

If you have a negative experience, we encourage you to deal with the problem directly by first communicating clearly with those involved and setting firm boundaries both verbally and physically, if necessary. If you cannot resolve the matter on your own, please contact event staff to register a Complaint. Our Escalation Policy, which includes four steps starting with a warning and ending with banishment, will be followed in response to most Complaints.

If you feel someone has committed a Serious Offense against you, bring it to the attention of event staff immediately and file a formal complaint. We will work with you to the best of our abilities and within the bounds of the law to resolve the problem. We will act within our discretion for more serious matters, which may include contacting the local police department or immediately ejecting an attendee.

Disclaimer: The Fusion Exchange is not responsible for any behavior that occurs outside of our event days or off our event campus. We will not take action based on third-party representations or gossip. We consider spreading misinformation or unsupported information to be libel, slander, and defamation of character. If you have concerns regarding a past, unrelated event, please click here.

Please address concerns to a Fusion Exchange organizer as quickly as possible so we can best deal with the situation. If you cannot talk to one of us at an event, please email us at:

Please click here for more details.