Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Overview

At the Fusion Exchange, we pride ourselves on having a fantastic dance community that comes together like a family each year. We know that you respect and value fellow attendees as dancers and human beings. We want to make sure all conduct reflects the welcoming and positive community the Fusion Exchange has preserved through the years.

The following Code of Conduct seeks to outline the values the Fusion Exchange wishes its attendees to share and abide by.  Behavior that is clearly out of line with this code of conduct will not be tolerated.  If you feel that an individual has violated this code of conduct, please review our grievance policy here.

Code of Conduct Goals:

  • Foster mutual respect, appreciation, and value for all members of the fusion community.

  • Encourage safe and responsible dancing and social interaction.

  • Promote active community building through awareness, courtesy, encouragement, responsibility, praise, and constructive critique.


Code of Conduct:

  • I am a valued member of the dance community.  No matter my background, my experience, or my ideas, I have something valuable to contribute to the realm of dance.   I don’t know who might hold the keys to my next inspiration!

  • I will respect my fellow dancers regardless of gender, background, nationality, race, lifestyle, and personal boundaries.  I recognize that people have different values and viewpoints than I do.  Regardless, we all share a love of dance and I will embrace and respect their love of dance.

  • I will strictly respect the physical and personal boundaries of my fellow attendees on and off the dance floor.  Dancing is a series of invitations, of which my partner may choose to accept or reject dance requests.

  • I will familiarize myself with the photo policy and do my part to promote respectful visual media practices. As a photographer, I will be respectful of the wishes of those I desire to photograph or video, taking notice of subtle cues dancers may give when I take photos, and do my absolute best to stay out of dancers’ ways. I will respect the use of “no-photo” wristbands and delete any content, for any reason offered, if asked to do so by the subject. As a dancer I will stay near the edges of the dance floor if I want to be photographed, ask as soon as possible for any unwanted media to be deleted so the media is easily accessible, and avail myself of a “No-Photo” wristband if I do not want my likeness captured at any time.

  • I will do my part to keep The Curtis smoke-free and adhere to the event smoking policy found here
  • It’s okay for me to inform my dance partner if something they do makes me uncomfortable or physically hurts me.  Additionally, I will respect my dance partner’s request that I stop doing something that makes them uncomfortable or physically hurts them.

  • I am free to accept and decline dances for whatever reasons I wish.  As the requester, I will respect the wishes of someone who declines, which is great for me because then I don’t force someone to dance when they do not wish to.  Plus, I now have the chance to dance this song with someone who wants to dance it with me!  Win Win!!!

  • I will be respectful of the dance floor and the space people dance in.  I will do my best to monitor the volume of my conversations near the dance floor while I’m not dancing, or take them away from the dance floor so other dancers are not distracted.  I will not attempt dance moves (such as aerials, kicks, lifts or overly large movements) that are potentially dangerous to my partner, the dancers around me, or myself.  I will do my best not to step on, bump, or trip other dancers; I will be gracious if I do and still gracious if someone does it to me.

  • I understand that social dances are an opportunity to enjoy dancing with people of many different levels and dance backgrounds, not the place to offer unsolicited dance advice.  If it is something that is causing a safety issue, however, notifying that person not only helps me, but my fellow dancers as well.
  • I will conduct myself as a responsible adult.  I will clean up after myself, help FX staff where I can, cooperate with and show respect toward the instructors, care for and about the venue I am dancing in, and my behavior will abide by all laws, rules, and ordinances.

  • I will care for my safety, my hygiene, and well-being.  I am responsible for determining what I can and cannot accomplish on the dance floor.  I will bring extra clothing and personal hygiene products to ensure I look, smell, and feel clean.  I can also partake of the free mints or gum throughout the evening!

  • I will be responsible and respectful during mealtimes.  I appreciate the care put into providing above-par food for all attendees and am conscious of how my bearing at meal times affects those around me, including my interactions with others and my graceful compliance with requests of food staff and volunteers. Furthermore, I recognize that the food served is destined for more individuals than just myself and as such I will be aware of how much food I consume and act to promote good health practices and ease of food distribution.

  • I will bring inappropriate actions that I personally experience or observe to the attention of the FX organizers.

  • I am encouraged to actively participate in building the dance community.  To do so, I will seek out new people to dance with or talk to.  I can also foster connections by introducing or reintroducing myself with each new dance.

  • I can share the love and give positive feedback to DJs, instructors, and dancers whenever I choose.  I can clap for songs I enjoy or walk up to the dancers, DJ, or bands afterwards to let them know in person.  I am free to dance with the same person multiple times.  While I am free to give negative feedback, I will do so either through the FX surveys or in a manner that is private, open minded, and respectful of the person receiving it.