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Las Vegas Fusion Exchange Celebrates Imagination in Motion

Hundreds of dancers from all over the world converge in Las Vegas in January 2013

LAS VEGAS, NV – People from all over the U.S. and the world will descend upon Las Vegas on January 4-6, 2013, to spend the weekend dancing at the Las Vegas Fusion Exchange. The event will feature at least 12 nationally-known instructors, an amazing dance venue, and at least 25 prominent DJs.

Last year’s exchange (hosted in Oakland, CA) drew dancers from 38 states and 7 countries, with more than 600 people in attendance.

The Fusion Exchange was founded in 2008 as a way for dancers to celebrate individual expression, and share the experience with others through social dance.  Exchanges happen all over the world when a city opens its doors to visitors and schedules numerous dances over the course of several days. Local dancers host out-of-town visitors. Dancing often lasts late into the night.

Fusion is the intentional combination of various elements of dance – ranging from styling, to movements or patterns, to technique – inspired by the music. Fusion blends a multitude of dances – such as Blues, Tango, West Coast Swing, Lindy, Waltz, and Hip Hop – in any combination, drawing from each dancer’s background and knowledge. Just as music adopts, adapts, and blends various influences and styles, fusion accomplishes the same in the form of dance. Depending on the music and the dancers, fusion can mean creating a new and unique dance style to unique music, or combining one or more established dance aesthetics into a single dance to reflect the single sound of music with multiple influences.

Another unique aspect of Fusion is our focus on partnership- we believe that both leads and follows actively contribute to the dance and inspire each other. Combined with the vast collective dance knowledge of our attendees, we are striving to be the ultimate realization of partnered social dancing.

“We’re really fortunate to have such an incredible venue and so many dedicated instructors,” said Cameron Linder, Managing Director and the Dance Instruction Coordinator for LVFX. “Las Vegas has a fantastic dance scene, and it was a natural place to have an event that celebrates imagination in motion.”

Creative Director Andrew Sutton agrees, adding, “We’re excited to bring the Fusion Exchange to Las Vegas. As a traveling community, it is impressive that we can find so many highly-skilled dancers united in the fusion philosophy. Our dancers are dedicated to the holistic, progressive, inclusive, and accepting vision of fusion.”

“The welcoming and inspiring community is what this event is really about. We emphasize that everybody brings something of value to the dance floor. Everyone has something to learn and to teach,” shares Ivy Grey, Founder and Executive Director of the Fusion Exchange. “So, we make that part of every aspect of the event starting with organization and the leadership dedicated to providing a great experience for all attendees.”

The event kicks off Friday with classes at the Alexis Park All Suite Las Vegas Resort. Friday’s evening dance at 9:00 PM showcases the several nationally known DJs and an hour of originally-composed music performed live by event attendee David Keogh. Saturday evening includes more music from David Keogh and an instructor showcase, while Sunday evening brings even more dancing and national DJs. All dances are held at the Alexis and begin at 9:00 PM and end at 5:00 AM. Admission to the evening dances is available in advance and at the door for $30 – $40 per night. A drop-in lesson for beginners is free with admission to the dance.

A full weekend dance pass to all events costs $125 and is available at www.Las VegasFusionExchange.com with payment through PayPal. A full weekend pass including all classes, all dances, and several meals is $275 at the door or is available online for a reduced price.

A schedule of all events is available at www.LasVegasFusionExchange.com. To arrange an interview, live dance demonstration, or video shoot, please contact Ivy Grey: info@LasVegasfustionexchange.com.

High-resolution photographs of previous Fusion Exchanges are available by request for use in your publication.


Founded in 2008, by Ivy Grey, the Fusion Exchange is the premier event for fusion dancing. By embracing many different dance styles, techniques, and inspirations, the Fusion Exchange helps dancers build a limitless dance toolkit to take social dancing to a new level. Fusion is imagination in motion. www.fusionexchange.org