What Our Instructors Say

Ruby Red:

Fusion is the opportunity to exchange ideas with other practitioners. There is no “one right way” to lead and follow a move, to rotate, to travel, to create energy, and interpret the music. Working with dancers from other styles helps us solidify how our own technique works for styles we are fluent in, and gives us inspiration and vocabulary to add to our dance.

Jenny Sowden:

Fusion is fun! Fusion to me is an outlet to use two or more styles of movement in one motion and/or dance inspired by the music and/or partner. The jazz and modern worlds ‘fuse’ styles all the time, so this concept is familiar.

Alfredo Melendez:

Fusion to me is the welcoming of musical interpretation with as many different styles of dance as can work for the song. It means being willing to explore ideas beyond the textbook norm for the base dance and exploring how to integrate them.

Will Shaver:

Fusion combines elements from other partner dances to create a dance style that is focused on partnership, connection, and interpretation. Where other dances can be stiff and formal, fusion thrives on being informal.

Ted Maddry:

Fusion means I’ll be surprised and inspired by what I’m hearing, and the story my partner and I tell to the music will leave distinct dance genres behind, as we explore partnered movement without judgement. Fusion is good social dance. At a Fusion dance, I expect a variety of music to be played, either A) “bluesable” pop, what I call “alt blues” or “turquoise,” or B) some eclectic combination of dance genres more than just “alt blues,” but extending to other dance forms like tango, waltz, swing, latin, and more.

CC Wagner:

To me, Fusion dancing is a social partnered dance concept not restricted to any particular genre of music or style of dance. It focuses on fundamental principals of partner communication & musical interpretation to any type of music. It is a concept that can be used in any dance form, wherein I fuse my own movement with my partner’s movement to match the story of a particular song.

Heriberto Perez:

Fusion to me is water in a bottle: ever changing and with no limitations except yourself. It is a self-evolving movement that comes from inspiration, action and reaction, and lead and follow.